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Belize-Guatemala Border

About the Sweatshirt

Oversized sweatshirt with long cuffs.
Available in S and L sizes.
Material: 100% cotton (470 gsm).

About the Print

May 10, 2016
16°42'00.0"N 89°12'00.0"W

The border between Belize and Guatemala illustrates striking differences in land use practices. In a study of deforestation published in 2016, Chicas and co-authors found that in their study area between 1991 and 2014, on the Guatemalan side of the border forested land declined 32%; in Belize, forested area declined 11%. In part of the study area shown in this image, the difference is more dramatic: near-pristine forest in Belize on the right, and agricultural fields in Guatemala on the left.

About the Sizes

Shoulder length (middle of the neck to shoulder seam), cm — 33
Sleeve length, cm — 57,5
Chest, cm— 58
Front Length, cm — 74,5
Hem, cm — 51
Sleeve cuff, cm — 9,5

Middle of the neck to shoulder, cm — 37
Sleeve length, cm — 64
Chest, cm— 68
Front Length, cm — 78
Hem, cm — 61
Sleeve cuff, cm — 10,5