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The Channel Tunnel, England/France

About the Dress

Short sleeves dress. Crewneck collar.
Available in S, M and L sizes.
Material: polyester.
Model: Ira wears size S and is 173 cm height.

About the Print

March 14, 2001
51°00'00.0" N 1°30'00.0" E

The Channel Tunnel is a 50.5 km-long rail tunnel beneath the English Channel at the Straits of Dover. It connects Dover, Kent in England with Calais, northern France. The undersea section of the tunnel is unsurpassed in length in the world. A proposal for a Channel tunnel was first put forward by a French engineer in 1802. In 1881, a first attempt was made at boring a tunnel from the English side; the work was halted after 800 m for political reasons. Again in 1922, English workers started boring a tunnel, and advanced 120 m before it too was halted for political reasons. The most recent attempt was begun in 1987, and the tunnel was officially opened in 1994. At completion it was estimated that the project cost around $18 billion. It has been operating at a significant loss since its opening, despite trips by over 7 million passengers per year on the Eurostar train, and over 3 million vehicles per year.

About the Sizes

Chest girth, sm — 82–87
Waist girth, sm — 66–73
Hip girth, sm — 92–98
Length, sm — 88

Chest girth, sm — 87–92
Waist girth, sm — 70–77
Hip girth, sm — 96–101
Length, sm — 91

Chest girth, sm — 92–97
Waist girth, sm — 74–81
Hip girth, sm — 99–104
Length, sm — 93