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Colorado River Delta, Mexico

About the Dress

Short sleeves dress. Crewneck collar.
Available in S, M and L sizes.
Material: polyester.
Model: Ira wears size S and is 173 cm height.

About the Print

May 29, 2006
32°06'00.0" N 115°06'00.0" W

The Colorado River ends its 2330 km journey in the Gulf of Mexico in Baja California. The heavy use of the river as an irrigation source for the Imperial Valley has dessicated the lower course of the river in Mexico such that it no longer consistently reaches the sea. Prior to the mid 20th century, the Colorado River Delta provided a rich estuarine marshland that is now essentially desiccated, but nonetheless is an important ecological resource.

About the Sizes

Chest girth, sm — 82–87
Waist girth, sm — 66–73
Hip girth, sm — 92–98
Length, sm — 88

Chest girth, sm — 87–92
Waist girth, sm — 70–77
Hip girth, sm — 96–101
Length, sm — 91

Chest girth, sm — 92–97
Waist girth, sm — 74–81
Hip girth, sm — 99–104
Length, sm — 93