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Dry Valleys, Antarctica

About the T-shirt

Oversized t-shirt.
Available in S and L sizes.
Material: 100% cotton (300 gsm).

About the Print

December 8, 2002
16°42'00.0"N 89°12'00.0"W

The McMurdo Dry Valleys are a row of valleys west of McMurdo Sound. They are so named because of their extremely low humidity and lack of snow and ice cover. Photosynthetic bacteria have been found living in the relatively moist interior of rocks. Scientists consider the Dry Valleys to be the closest of any terrestrial environment to Mars. Wright Valley extends across the image from lower left to upper right. To the left of it, and partially fog-covered, is Victoria Valley.

About the Sizes

Shoulder length (middle of the neck to shoulder seam), cm — 30
Sleeve length, cm — 16,5
Chest, cm— 61
Front Length, cm — 61

Shoulder length (middle of the neck to shoulder seam), cm
Sleeve length, cm —18,5
Chest, cm— 63
Front Length, cm — 71,5