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Lena River, Russia

About the Dress

Short sleeves dress. Crewneck collar.
Available in S, M and L sizes.
Material: polyester.
Model: Ira wears size S and is 173 cm height.

About the Print

July 16, 2005
72°12'00.0'' N 128°00'00.0'' E

The Lena River empties into the Arctic Ocean and forms a delta 400 km wide, and with an area greater than 10,000 km square. The delta is frozen tundra for about 7 months of the year, but spring warming transforms the region into a lush wetland. Part of the area is protected as part of the Lena Delta Wildlife Reserve.

About the Sizes

Chest girth, sm — 82–87
Waist girth, sm — 66–73
Hip girth, sm — 92–98
Length, sm — 88

Chest girth, sm — 87–92
Waist girth, sm — 70–77
Hip girth, sm — 96–101
Length, sm — 91

Chest girth, sm — 92–97
Waist girth, sm — 74–81
Hip girth, sm — 99–104
Length, sm — 93