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Strait of Messina, Italy

About the Leggings

Mid-rise leggings.
Available in S/M and M/L sizes.
Material: polyester.
Model: Ira wears size S and is 173 cm height.

About the Print

August 11, 2003
37°54'00.0" N 15°18'00.0" E

The Strait of Messina is a narrow channel separating the island of Sicily from the Italian peninsula, connecting the Ionian Sea with the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the Strait, strong tidal currents occur, which interact with the shallow sill located in its center. The mean depth of the Strait is only 80 m, compared to depths of over 800 m to the south. Internal waves can be generated here, and these show up as sea surface manifestations because they are associated with variable surface currents that modify the surface roughness. The image shows these as dark (smooth) and light (rough) patterns when the solar illumination is at the correct angle relative to the orientation of the satellite.

About the Sizes

Waist girth, sm — 66–77
Hip girth, sm — 90–101
Inside seam length, sm — 73

Waist girth, sm — 77–88
Hip girth, sm — 101–112
Inside seam length, sm — 74,5