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Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica

About the T-shirt

Oversized t-shirt.
Available in S and L sizes.
Material: 100% cotton (300 gsm).

About the Print

December 12, 2000
16°42'00.0"N 89°12'00.0"W

Pine Island Glacier is a large ice stream, and the fastest melting glacier in Antarctica, responsible for about 25% of Antarctica's ice loss. The glacier ice streams flow west-northwest along the south side of the Hudson Mountains into Pine Island Bay, Amundsen Sea. In this image, you can see a wide crack that resulted in the calving of a major iceberg on November 9, 2001. The iceberg measured 42 kilometers long and 17 kilometers wide, an area of 714 square kilometers.

About the Sizes

Shoulder length (middle of the neck to shoulder seam), cm — 30
Sleeve length, cm — 16,5
Chest, cm— 61
Front Length, cm — 61

Shoulder length (middle of the neck to shoulder seam), cm — 32
Sleeve length, cm —18,5
Chest, cm— 63
Front Length, cm — 71,5